David Root has worked with senior citizens, small business, and families since 2002.  While  working at a retail store selling technology, he was asked multiple times if he would go home with them and setup the new device he had just sold.  So, David begin offering his service to install, maintain, and most importantly explain how to get the most of the tech he sold.  For over 15 years he has expanded his knowledge and expertise and is a certified technician that keeps abreast of current trends and technology.


Soaring Ideas IT service flows from the belief that “inspired technology”  is tech that is not only installed correctly, but is explained fully, and maintained frequently so that it integrates completely with existing tech and your lifestyle

  • INSTALLED CORRECTLY: The job is not finished until we have fully tested the new device and verified with the customer that it is working.
  • EXPLAINED FULLY: We show you how to use your new tech with demonstration, hands on tutorials, and if needed written step by step instructions.
  • MAINTAINED FREQUENTLY: We show you how to troubleshoot and maintain your new tech or, if you prefer us to do that for you, we setup an ongoing maintenance agreement.
  • INTEGRATES COMPLETELY: We make sure the new tech works with your old tech. Letting you know what needs to be updated.  But most importantly the new technology works for you and how you live.  With smart devices and multiple apps to control those devices this has become an important aspect of our philosophy.